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Founded in 2009 by Jennifer Ma and Jennifer Yu, Oxbridge and Ivy League graduates, ARCH Education is an expert educational institute headquartered in Hong Kong with partner and representative offices in London UK, Connecticut US, Singapore and Malaysia. Our mission is to “Bridge the Education Gap” in skills, admissions preparation, academics, curriculum systems, careers and opportunities


ARCH’s enrichment programs include Socrates, our pioneering critical thinking course, as well as Public Speaking, Debate, Mock Trial, Critical Reading and Writing programs. With a global team, ARCH provides tailored admissions guidance counseling and tutoring to students applying to top boarding schools and universities in the UK and US. ARCH is appointed by the University of London and London School of Economics as the Teaching Faculty to deliver the International Foundation Programme in Hong Kong. In addition, ARCH offers a 1-year A Level Course in collaboration with Mander Portman Woodward (MPW). 


ARCH Online Tutors connects top tutors globally with students in need of academic enhancements. ARCH Community Outreach provides admissions and career advice to under-resourced students in Hong Kong. This year, ARCH launched the ARCH Careers Network to help students bridge the gap into real life – jobs!

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